Sensitive skin is like the worst nightmare that a person can deal with ! I can understand the dilemma of all you ladies out there from my own experience itself. I have had those days when i could not apply make-up as desired by me cause of the after-effects that my skin would face or when even after applying “branded and promising” sunscreens my skin would still darken and i would get those red itchy sunburns on my hands. And trust me! it looked ugly as well as was difficult to completely cure it #_#

The worst situation faced by sensitive skin people is when you cannot find a suitable sunscreen or any moisturising lotion in the market for yourself and you just feel like banging your head somewhere or ask oneself “do i even belong to this world!” That feeling is horrible and being not able to find the right sunscreen can be really depressing. At times, when we do get a medicinal cream from dermatologists which miraculously suits our skin and helps retain our natural skin complexion, there is suddenly so much confidence that starts circulating in our body and we are delighted. Yet again, this happiness is short term as we are not able to find that same cream in the market later and so the search continues ~_~

After using many kinds and brands of sunscreens, i have finally got that one sunscreen that has been suiting my skin very well since almost a year and i am absolutely satisfied with it.

And that magical sunscreen is……………….

< Curtains up >

* Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *

Oriflame Sun Zone Whitening Protector Face and Exposed Areas SPF 30 High.

It is a non sticky waterproof formula that perfectly moisturised my face by softening the skin and renders sun protection. It combines both very effective UVA and UVB filters in combination with antioxidant vitamin E that work together effectively and provide protection for the skin against harmful sun rays.

It has remarkably improved and protected my skin which is why i would love to recommend this cream to all of you who have the same puzzle to solve as i did before.

So, ladies you too can end the search and get this sun protection for yourself and rock under the sun. 😉


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